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How STEM Discovery Boxes got started:


My name is Carrie and I am the mom of 3 active, curious boys who are eager to get their hands on everything so that they can learn how it works and why it does what it does.


I am also a Cub Scout leader and am always coming up with fun, creative activities to keep 13 rowdy boys excited and interested in learning.


I started STEM Discovery Boxes after realizing how much work it was to research projects, purchase all the separate materials from multiple locations, cut individual pieces, ration out items into individual packs for each Cub Scout, create the instructions, have my guinea pigs (I mean, Scouts) test the ease of creating the projects and then wait and see how well they worked. I also noticed how expensive making the kits would be for an individual to purchase everything to make only a few kits for their own kids. After doing this many times I realized how much I wish I could just buy everything ready to go. I looked online and many of the kits available were too run-of-the-mill for my curious boys. My boys wanted "cooler" projects. Ta da! STEM Discovery Boxes were born!


-- Carrie Bryson, owner



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