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Subscriptions - Installment Plan

6, 9 and 12 month subscriptions are eligible for our installment plan. Payments will be broken up over 2-4 months*.










Up to 24 Projects!

Up to 36 Projects!

Up to 48 Projects!

Continue to grow your childs excitement and learning each month with a STEM Discovery Boxes subscription. Your child will anxiously be waiting for their fun new projects to arrive right at your door. Unique projects that explore a vast array of topics. Each box includes 3-4 PROJECTS! Do one a week or do them all at once! STEM Discovery Boxes are the gift that truely keeps on giving!


Some of the project topics in our inventory (Click HERE for more!):

Robotics, Motors, Hydraulics, Levitation, Alarms, Aerospace, Light, Physics, Gears, Physiology, Weather, Music, Video, Sound and much more!


*Payments are billed via paypal over the course of the first 2-4 months of the subscription.

We also have and MONTH-TO-MONTH plans.

Robotic Bug kit includes Robotic Bug and 3 other STEM activities!

Cub Scouts having a blast making their robotic bugs!

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