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Sample Box

4 awesome projects!

Squishy Circuits

Have fun creating custom, one-of-a-kind circuits with conducting and insulating dough, multi-colored lights, an alarm and a propeller! Let your imagination run wild. There is no end to the possibilities that can be created with Squishy Circuits!

UV Ray Detecting Beads

Use the power of the sun to visually see invisible ultra violet light. How well do your sunglasses and sunblock protect you from UV radiation?

Germ Experiments

How do germs travel and how do you get rid of them? Where are they hiding? Find out by simulating the transfer of germs and then by growing your own bacteria from the germs lurking within your home!

Canister Rocket

Have a BLAST creating your own rocket! Design the look, add the "fuel" and watch it soar through the air.