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Individual STEM Discovery Box!

Not sure if you're ready to commit to a subscription? No problem! We are confident that you will love STEM Discovery Boxes and would love for you to try one out. You can purchase an Individual Box to see what we're all about!



Your individual box will include 3 exciting STEM projects!



Explore the World of Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself into the high tech world of virtual reality. Create your very own pair of VR goggles and explore unimaginable things from around the world right from your home!

Hydraulic Mechanical Claw

Learn about hydraulics and Pascal’s Principle of water power by building your very own water pressure powered mechanical claw!

Rainbow Crystal-Growing Tree

Turn a bare winter tree into a colorful, crystal-blooming spring masterpiece. Learn about capillary action, evaporation, and crystallization.


Unpacking a STEM Discovery Box

(Projects and supplies may occasionally vary depending on inventory)

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